LBCC Live Events

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    Please Click on arrow on screen to view once event is live.
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    Please Click on arrow on screen once Live to View.
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    Please click on arrow on screen once meeting goes live to view.

Roadrunners on Track

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    This is a good time to do a little self-assessment and see how you're doing as a student.
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    Time to start thinking about fall term.
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    Monday, April 13 is a really important date. This is our add drop deadline, the last day to buy books with your financial aid funds, and It's the financial aid…

Degree partnership Program

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    Specific considerations for the Degree Partnership Program and the Oregon Promise Grant.
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    General information on financial aid for Degree Partnership students.
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    An overview of the Degree Partnership Program with Linn-Benton and OSU


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    Detailed descriptions of steps to use the Pollywog database, enrolling clients in parenting and prenatal classes, making referrals, documenting services provided to…
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    Highlights of the Pollywog website and it's main features: information about prenatal and childbirth classes, parenting education classes, resources for families, a…
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    Brief description of the Pollywog Training process.

Classroom Technology Tutorials

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    Here is how you can change how Moodle displays your course total grades
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    Here are the basic processes we on the LBCC Moodle Team have seen work best for most instructors and students in most Moodle courses. You may want to be ready to take…
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    This short "how-to" video walks the viewer through Moodle's new Participant Filtering to send targeted Moodle messages to a sub-group of students.